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Take our Survey!

We created this survey for the participants of the NCSL Webinar on May 7.  It was designed to help us gain a better understanding of the participants views and actual policy environments in which they work, in terms of copyright of state agency publications.

The questions are a reflection of issues and real concerns that we have encountered in the literature, including case law, and when speaking with state agency staff.

We are interested in your responses, even after the Webinar! So if you were a participant and didn’t have a chance to fill it out please do so! We also want to encourage any one else to take this survey.  We value gaining a better insight into the issue of copyright and state government information.

The Goals of the Survey:
  • Gauge participants’ perceptions, knowledge and understanding of the the issue.
  • Gauge participants’ level concern about placing items in the public domain.
  • Determine if there is consensus for copyrighting specific types of state publications.
  • Raise awareness in order to move into action.